Monday, June 29, 2009

Grovey Babes


Mask-WSL_Mask218 from

(Iused the Vicky's kit for this tut)

Plugins-Xero-radiance & Eyecandy 4000-gradient glo

Fonts I used are- Flower & Dominique

Tubes of choice I used the fabulous work of Elias Chatzoudis from MPT

can be pruchased here>

need to have a license to use his work

Lets get started

Open a new canvas 550x550

Copy and paste PP-2 as new layer, resize to fit canvas, apply mask >delete mask layer> merge.

Then copy and paste Paisley-1, resize and add drop shadow ( 3,3,71,9), use same drop shadow thru out. Duplicate about 3 times and positon in random places over mask.

Next copy & paste frame cluster-2 , resize and position over mask, then copy and paste paisley2 paper behind frame layer. Use magic wand and clickinside of frames ( hold shift key down to do more then 1 area at a time) Then go to Selections>Invert> (click on paper layer) Delete.

Add drop shadow to frame.

Select tubes of choice, I used Elias Chatzoudis, if you don't have the proper license to use his work then DON'T!!

at this time add your copyright info & license #

On the tubes inside the frame I used the plug in Xero> Radiance.

Settings - 128,50,128,255

Then copy and paste flower-1, resize> position on frame> add drop shadow

Now using Flower font ( fill= 255,104,36 outline stroke 2 = 83,73,53)Type out "Grovey Babes"

Then go to Effects>3D effects> Inner bevel and use the following settings

Then go to Effects>Plugins>Eyecandy4000>Gradient Glo

Do a solid white glo at the following settings

Add drop shadow
On a new layer using Doninique font ( fill=65,227,54 outline stroke1 = 83,73,53) add name.
add drop shadow and your done.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Supplies Needed:
PSP X2 ( any version will work)
Font: Patriot
I'm using the artwork of Rion Vernon (Pinup Toons)
You MUST obtain a license to use his tubes.
Scrapkit: I used a freebie from the wonderful Alyssa, called
Independence Day , you can grab it from her blog here,
Mask: Vix_Mask174 can be downloaded from her site
(be sure to install mask before begining)
Lets begin:
( This is my very first tut so I hope its right)
Open new canvas 600x600
Copy and paste the blue glitter paper and apply mask,
delete mask layer and merge, add drop shadow ( settings 2,2,70,10.00)
Copy and paste red glitter paper & apply same mask and drop shadow
rotate slightly so you can see both colors.
Next, copy and paste frame 1 -> resize and postion over masks
Then copy and paste flag, postion behind frame. You'll need to erase parts of flag sticking out from behind the frame.
Next, copy and paste silver balloon w/ string to right side of frame,
duplicate, merge down, add drop shadow ( 2,2,70,10.00),
then go to Image>Mirror
do the same with both red and blue balloons also,
refer back to my tag for placement of balloons.
Copy and paste bow2, resize and postion on balloon string
(refer back to tag for placement), add drop shadow (2,2,70,10.00)
Duplicate bow, Image>Mirror
Next add your tube and copyright info to tag.
All that is left to do now is add your name
I used Patriot font > fill=white, outline stroke 1 = #0000c0
Congrats you have finished!!