Monday, June 29, 2009

Grovey Babes


Mask-WSL_Mask218 from

(Iused the Vicky's kit for this tut)

Plugins-Xero-radiance & Eyecandy 4000-gradient glo

Fonts I used are- Flower & Dominique

Tubes of choice I used the fabulous work of Elias Chatzoudis from MPT

can be pruchased here>

need to have a license to use his work

Lets get started

Open a new canvas 550x550

Copy and paste PP-2 as new layer, resize to fit canvas, apply mask >delete mask layer> merge.

Then copy and paste Paisley-1, resize and add drop shadow ( 3,3,71,9), use same drop shadow thru out. Duplicate about 3 times and positon in random places over mask.

Next copy & paste frame cluster-2 , resize and position over mask, then copy and paste paisley2 paper behind frame layer. Use magic wand and clickinside of frames ( hold shift key down to do more then 1 area at a time) Then go to Selections>Invert> (click on paper layer) Delete.

Add drop shadow to frame.

Select tubes of choice, I used Elias Chatzoudis, if you don't have the proper license to use his work then DON'T!!

at this time add your copyright info & license #

On the tubes inside the frame I used the plug in Xero> Radiance.

Settings - 128,50,128,255

Then copy and paste flower-1, resize> position on frame> add drop shadow

Now using Flower font ( fill= 255,104,36 outline stroke 2 = 83,73,53)Type out "Grovey Babes"

Then go to Effects>3D effects> Inner bevel and use the following settings

Then go to Effects>Plugins>Eyecandy4000>Gradient Glo

Do a solid white glo at the following settings

Add drop shadow
On a new layer using Doninique font ( fill=65,227,54 outline stroke1 = 83,73,53) add name.
add drop shadow and your done.

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